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Save time and search for your child's babysitter now on Babysitter2u. Instead of asking neighbours, relatives, or friends, now you can locate the nearest and most suitable babysitter in just a few clicks. Select from thousands of registered babysitters in our database.

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Looking for a client and a job? Maybe 2 babies at once? Or even 3? Make a lot of money working at home as a babysitter! Register now and update your web profile you can share anywhere. Post your availabilities and service offers so that you can be contacted easily by parents waiting to hire you.

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Babysitter2u.com is a just a hobby side project of its creator. However it aims to be the best Malaysia's leading babysitter-to-parents matching service. The creator is committed to keep the website online for as long as possible to be able to help and provide a useful service to these target users (parents & babysitters) in Malaysia.

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