Funds Raising

Hi, I am the owner, developer, and webmaster of this website.

Please yourself to donate some funds to help the development of this website,
because this service is a donationware funded personally by me (time x money x energy).
I am always lacking of money to run it forever and easily.

Hope you will donate to me so that I won't need to work another day job. :)
And I will develop more cool web services that help people like me and you.

You can kindly donate to these following bank accounts or using the Paypal donate button:
Bank Acc. Number Name Country
Hong Leong Bank Berhad 011-50-39321-9 Chua Yuan Heng Malaysia
Maybank Berhad 104068274390 Chua Yuan Heng Malaysia
You can contact me at admin@babysitter2u.com or by filling up the Contact Us form.