Baby Sitter Services in Desa Chemor Impian

Posted by PERAMA23 on Dec 15, 2015

Age 0 year  1 month(s) old
Gender Unspecified
Race Other
Location Desa Chemor Impian
State Perak
Country Malaysia


Time 7.00pm - 6.30pm (negotiable)
Days 5 - 6 Days per week (negotiable)
Salary RM 150.00 per month.
Contact Perama at 0175086165


More Info

Place: Desa Chemor Impian, Kuala Kuang, Chemor 31200, Perak.

Baby Sitter service prices as follows:

* Monthly / Monday to Friday / 7.00 am - 6.30 pm:

* Newborn babies aged 1 day to 6 months: RM650 / person

* Newborn babies aged 7 months to 12 months: RM550 / person

* Children between the age of 1 year: RM450 / person

* Children between the age of 2 years: RM400 / person

* Children between the age of 3 years: RM350 / person

* Children aged between 4 years old: RM200 / person

* Children aged between 5 years and above: RM150 / person

* Price and service times can still be negotiated.

About Baby Sitter:

- Has 18 years excellent experience in this field.

- Working experience in taking care of the newborn (1st day) until the child

is 5 years old.

- Flexible baby sitter work schedules for parents who work nights shifts and


- Capable managing more than one baby or child in a same time.

- Very understanding on emotions and behavior of babies and children.

- I am very caring, responsible and energetic bay sitter.

- I Always maintain happy, healthy and safe environment for infants and

children in my home.

- I am Female / Malaysian Indian / Hindu

Introduction :

#Baby/child food, milk, toiletries, pillows, cloths must be prepared by parents

#I usually will provide 4 meal per day (Morning Breakfast, Morning Snacks, Lunch, Tea Snacks) for child. I can cook special baby/child food on request.

Please contact me for more information.